Largitione ac donis
“Through bribes and gifts”

Multi matriculantur, pauci gradum suscipiunt
“Many matriculate, few graduate”

In reliquum tempus aere distrahi
“Torn asunder by debt for the rest of your life”

Pro scientia inutili
“For useless knowledge”

Quo plus cerevisiae, eo minus memoriae
“The more beer, the fewer the memories”

Dormire totum diem in cubiculo
“Sleeping all day in the dorms”

Se magis otio quam eruditioni tradere
“Dedicating oneself more to leisure than learning”

Aedificia pulcherrima, sed nocentia
“Very beautiful buildings that will make you sick”

Magistrum feminas vexantem defendere
“Defending the professor who harasses women”

Tibi ad mortem litteras mittemus
“We will send you letters until you die”

Quinque fusci in libello, nulli in campo
“Five people of color in our brochure, none on campus”

Quies laborum et officii
“A repose from work and responsibility”

Stulti soli secunda hora discunt
“Only fools take 8 a.m. classes”

Athletae nomen ac imago, fructus nostri
“Athlete’s name and image, our profit”

Veritate perempta novam sententiam petimus
“We need a new motto since truth no longer exists”

Qui haec verba legat satis iam didicit
“Whoever can read these words has already learned enough”

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