I rise blissfully at 4:30 a.m., thanks to my Tibetan singing bowl alarm clock. After twenty minutes of alternate nostril breathing, I start my day with a three-minute cold shower. This I follow with twenty minutes of stream-of-consciousness journaling, then another twenty minutes of gratitude journaling.

For breakfast, I always enjoy a half liter of organic, fair-trade, bulletproof coffee (I use a ghee, coconut oil, and yak butter blend instead of MCT oil), which keeps me in ketosis until I break my intermittent fast. By the way, if you haven’t tried it, nothing does the trick like intermittent fasting for maintaining less than 17% body fat. (For my full fasting protocol, see my e-book.)

Before I leave for work, I make sure to pack my award-winning green smoothie. This recipe is designed to heal the thyroid, calm the spleen, support liver detoxification, reverse and prevent tumor growth, whiten teeth, boost fertility, balance chakras, stabilize circadian rhythms, ease constipation, regulate the menstrual cycle, prevent rabies, and make your skin glow!

Using your favorite bone broth as a base, just add a small handful each of kale, spinach, bok choi, frozen cauliflower, and wheatgrass; half an avocado, a whole, unpeeled kiwi, a quarter cup of filmjölk, skyr, kefir OR plain organic yogurt (depending on your personal mucus type – to learn yours, see my e-book); two tablespoons each of chia seeds, flax seeds, pea protein, fresh pomegranate seeds, dried goji berries, resistant potato starch, turmeric powder, and collagen hydrolysate; one tablespoon each of ghee, coconut oil, coconut water, maple syrup, maca, lucuma, chlorella, spirulina, hemp seeds, moringa leaves, royal jelly, powdered durian fruit, activated charcoal, Manuka honey, ashwagandha powder, shilajit powder, local bee pollen, Irish moss, cordyceps fungus, chaga powder, reishi mushroom powder, matcha powder, and cacao nibs; two drops of lavender essential oil, a quarter cup of sprouted almonds, five soaked cashews, two soaked medjool dates, a Ceylon cinnamon stick, a whole nutmeg seed, four white peppercorns, three peeled and crushed garlic cloves, a cup of organic frozen blueberries, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. To really take it up a notch, add four acacia thorns and a half-teaspoon of Tibetan monk tears. Follow with a high-quality probiotic.

This jolt of nutrition and flavor keeps my mind off of food for at least seven hours. The mixture also doubles as an amazing antioxidant face mask.

As with all of my meals, I divide the week’s smoothie ingredients into large mason jars ahead of time, which I can then take out of the refrigerator and blend with the Vitamix at a moment’s notice. To make cleanup more efficient, I have seven Vitamix blender pitchers, which I clean all at once on Sunday evenings. Best $1200 I’ve ever spent. So much time saved.

My mindful subway commute is spent listening to affirmation recordings, which I rotate based on the moon phase.

When I reach my workspace, I’m in my creative heaven. The foundation is my standing desk, which I can lower when I need to sit on a medicine ball for a few minutes. I’m only human, right? This, along with my $1300 Metraflex custom shoe inserts, has completely eliminated my back pain.

On my desk, I keep a small collection of rose quartz, fluorite, and onyx crystals, which zap negative energy. I also have a multi-photo frame with pictures of all of my vision boards. I call it my “meta-vision-board.” This way, I can keep manifesting my abundance without taking up valuable desk space.

While at work, I use my Bose Quiet Comfort XI headphones to listen to a looped binaural beats track mixed with Tibetan chant and blue whale songs. The alternation of alpha and theta waves puts me in a state of total flow like nothing else.

I’m a firm believer in Tim Ferriss’ Four-Hour Workweek™ principles, so I batch my email communication into fifteen minutes on Monday mornings. To make this even more efficient, I reply using one of six standard templates that I crafted for this purpose. I have not personally responded to an email in nine years. This opens up so much more time to dedicate to developing my brain baby, the LinguaGoGo app, which allows users to learn 15 world languages in as little as eleven seconds per week. If you haven’t seen my viral TED talk on the amazing technology behind this program, I recommend you do so as soon as you can.

At 3 pm, it’s time to hit the gym. After years of research, I have engineered the most efficient possible workout, which is a single, 100-pound kettlebell swing, followed by four and a half minutes of foam rolling. (See my e-book for step-step instructions) I use a roller that’s made by a women’s empowerment collective in Andhra Pradesh. These fair-trade foam rollers are made from recycled Tom’s Shoes and are 100% sustainable.

Coming home every afternoon is bliss. Performing Marie Kondo’s decluttering protocol once a month has transformed our apartment into a minimalist temple of joy. Even the cat’s litterbox brings me happiness. The less you possess, the less you have to tidy. With our hairless cat, solar-powered air purification system, and microfiber-soled slippers, we have eliminated the need to clean our bedroom and living room. In fact, we only ever pull out the Dyson vacuum cleaner when my in-laws visit so they know we appreciated the gift.

With nothing left to optimize in my own life, I am blessed with ample time to help optimize others’ lives. It’s my passion! Afternoons are dedicated to my coaching practice and about 11,000 weekly words of content for my personal blog, which brings in 6K of revenue each month. This semi-passive income source is an amazing complement to my trust fund.

Most recently, I helped a mother of five in Indiana lose 120 pounds with my smoothie recipe and a customized version of my exercise regime (using an 80-pound kettlebell). With my guidance, she followed her dream and launched her own blog about holistic dog training, which just broke 14 million unique page views a month! (For more information, see her e-book.)

Winding down at the end of the day is bliss. Even though I only get forty-five minutes a day with my husband, we make the most of that time by staring into each others’ eyes for at least five minutes, which is proven to boost intimacy. We have also adapted our own version of the Nonviolent Communication protocol, which allows us to express all of our needs, feelings, fears, and experiences from the day in a loving exchange of five sentences each. (To learn more, check out my husband’s wonderful book, The Four Hour Relationship.)

At dinnertime, I whip out two mason jars with prepped ingredients for an amazing meal. Our local CSA program keeps us stocked with the freshest organic ingredients. We supplement these with microgreens, herbs, and sprouts grown in our hydroponic window boxes. To maximize the spiritual experience of our meal, and to prevent swallowing air (which can cause bloating — yuck!) we eat in silence, or communicate only with small hums.

When it’s time for bed, I make a nourishing cup of Golden-Brown Milk. This is similar to the turmeric-rich Golden Milk you’re familiar with, but also contains a tablespoon of my favorite buckwheat miso to support digestion and sleep.

Finally, I conclude my day with ten more minutes of gratitude journaling and a thirty-minute Haasyaaspad meditation, which is believed to lengthen telomeres and slow down the aging process. It also prompts dreams in which I communicate with my ancestors and reconnect with my truth.

I hope that this look into my daily routine inspires you to optimize your life! Starting next month, I am offering new coaching partnerships that begin at $1,999 per month, but you can get 5% off using the coupon code on page 615 of my e-book.

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