1. Snide comment.

2. Snidier comment about other’s political party affiliation.

3. Snidiest comment unwittingly based on an Instagram meme about a certain political party.

4. Retort based unwittingly on another Facebook meme created as a response to the first.

5. Sweeping unassailable generalization.

6. Righteous indignation.

7. Fact.

8. Conspiracy theory.

9. More facts.

10. More conspiracy theories.

11. Conspiracy theory.

12. Counter–conspiracy theory.

13. Fact?

14. Fact?

15. Snide slogan masquerading as fact about issue not directly related but rather inferred from stance of preceding discourse.

16. Snidier slogan masquerading as fact about yet another inferred issue.

17. Didactic speech about the importance of using reason, facts, and research rather than snide slogans and didactic speeches.

18. “Research.”

19. Question veracity of sources.

20. Question the word “veracity.”

21. Question mental fortitude.

22. Righteous indignation.

23. Massive unfalsifiable statement.

24. Equally massive, equally unfalsifiable statement.

25. Point out the equally massive, equally unfalsifiable statement.

26. Conspiracy theory.

27. Counter-conspiracy theory.

28. Counter-counter-conspiracy theory leading to titanic unfalsifiable statement with possibly racist undertones.

29. Outraged vitriolic statement about other’s general appearance and genetic constitution.

30. Righteous indignation fueled by growing feeling of triumph.

31. Insult thinly veiled as apology.

32. Glowing feeling of superiority.

33. Genuine apology fueling a sense of moral rectitude that leads to a glowing feeling of superiority.

34. …

35. Snide comment.