“Knock before entering my cave, you must do.”

The Fountainhead, I have read. Powerful, I have become.”

“My shorts are not too short. Dress like this, everyone does.”

“Ask to be born, I did not!”

“How can you not know Billie Eilish? From the Earth system she is, and understand me, she does.”

“Vape, I will. Good decision, this is.”

“Drop me off here. Scurry the rest of the way, I will.”

“No longer into the Force. Buddhist, I am now.”

“Attend high school parties, Mom lets me. More fun, her house is.”

“Let me have an iPhone, Dad would. Connect me to all living things, it does.”

“Changing, my voice is. Sound like muppet, I do. Only a phase, this is, I hope.”

“Know there was going to be alcohol at the party, I did not.”

“The Dark Side is strong in that one. Dad’s new girlfriend, I mean.”

“Mountain Dew or Mountain Dew not. There is no try.”

“Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Still, hate you, I do.”