Because You Enjoyed

- Because you enjoyed Getting Your Kids into Winter Clothes, you might also enjoy Applying Sunscreen to Your Kids

- Because you enjoyed Frantically Scouring the House for Your First Child’s Required Stuffed Animal Before Bedtime, you might also enjoy the sequel, Frantically Scouring the House for Your Second Child’s Three Required Stuffed Animals Before Bedtime

- Because You enjoyed Being Forced to Watch ‘Cocomelon’ Over and Over, you might also enjoy a Full-Frontal Lobotomy

Comedies For You

- Thinking You Will Be Able to Eat Your Dinner for Longer Than 25 Seconds at a Time Before Being Asked to Change or Add to Your Child’s Meal

- Does The Two-Year-Old Deliberately Put Her Shoes on the Wrong Feet Every Time, or Is She Miraculously Defying the Laws of Probability?

- Stickers Are So Exciting That Even a Blank Avery Label Gets a Big, Excited Grin Every Time

Mysteries For You

- Will You Help Me Buckle This All By Myself?

- Will We Read About Dinosaur Facts Again Tonight?

- Where Is The Remote Control and Why Is It Hiding in a Board Game Box?

Horrors For You

- The Permanent Marker Cap Sat Alone on the Living Room Floor

- The Invisible Tag on the Shirt

- They Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Hair Wash Night

Newly Added

- I’m Not Going to School Today, and If You Make Me, I Won’t Love You Anymore

- Can We Get A Dog? I Promise I Will Be the One to Take Care of It

- My Favorite Food for the Last Eight Months Is Suddenly Disgusting