“Move to Canada!”

“Definitely eat well and get exercise, as able.”

“Move to Italy!”

“Make sure you vote in the next election to help change that.”

“Move to Finland!”

“If you could afford grad school, you can definitely afford medications.”

“Move to Denmark!”

“Have you tried meditating and yoga to help? There’s a really healing woman who puts videos on YouTube. I’ll send you the link.”

“Move to Japan!”

“Maybe you should have entered a more lucrative field. I’ll send you some brochures on vocational trainings.”

“Move to France!”

“You should get married to someone with a good job. Or money. Or you could marry a doctor! Kill two birds with one stone!”

“Move to Korea!”

“Get all of the tests you need done now — before you graduate.”

“Move to Spain!”

“Apply to a Ph.D. program.”

“Move to Austria — I mean, Australia! Actually, you could do either.”