Three bears lie on the floor, facedown, as if killed execution-style.

A blue convertible is tipped over and pinned against a wall. A clown sits inside.

In a three-story house, all of the furniture is turned upside down. A cowboy lies on his back on the third floor, near a bed but not in it. On the first floor is a slice of pizza as big as the cowboy.

A New York City bus is overturned next to a bulldozer bearing a cheerful expression and a small duck.

Various plates, cups, and utensils are strewn about the floor. There is also a teapot turned upside down. In the middle sits a smiling Winnie the Pooh with a hammer nearby.

A three-piece train, which is meant to transport animals to a circus, is flipped on its side with all cars disconnected from one another. The tiger, elephant, and monkey are nowhere to be seen.

A hula dancer is pinned beneath an enormous rabbit. Both are smiling.

An amusement park is in shambles: the ferris wheel is on its side; the airplanes have been removed from the airplane ride; and the highest part of the roller coaster has been snapped off. A balloon bearing the phrase “Get Well Soon!” hovers above.

Raggedy Ann is splayed on her back inside a large wicker basket. Her leg is in the mouth of Kermit the Frog.

A bookshelf, removed from the three-story house descrbed earlier, lies on the vinyl flooring across the room, near the washing machine. A smiling ape sits on top of it.