I Picked Him. He Picked Peppers

It started out spicy. But one partner’s passion for pickled peppers quickly soured the relationship.

- - -

Old MacDonald Had a Farm, But I Was Scared of Chickens

And on his farm, she had a panic attack. E-i-e-i-ahhh! Was their partnership doomed?

- - -

After His Fall From the Wall, I Was Left to Pick Up The Pieces

When all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t save her husband, a young widow learns to save herself.

- - -

When The Muffin Man Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

She lived on Drury Lane her whole life. So yes, she did know the muffin man. But he knew her, too.

- - -

Here Is My Handle, Here Is My Spout, There Goes My Relationship

When things boiled over in their relationship, this teapot started to shout. Soon, it reached a tipping point.

- - -

The Butcher. The Baker. The Candlestick Maker. My Year of Swiping Right

They were each committed to their craft. But could they commit to love?

- - -

When Moving On Means Moving Into a Shoe

She gave her husband the boot — and then she moved into one. Fifty years later, it still fits her just fine.