Angelika Oster, M.D.
Age: 6
Specialty: Doctor!

Chris Tullen, M.D.
Age: 8
Specialty: Butt Doctor

Delmar Waters, M.D.
Age: 3
Specialty: Hands! Haaaaands!

Andrew Keller, M.D.
Age: 6
Specialty: Kitty Doctor, Horsy Doctor, Dolly Doctor

Elijah Jacobs, M.D.
Age: 4
Specialty: Finding brain monsters

Tara Westing, D.D.S.
Age: 9
Specialty: “I wanna see how many grapes I can fit in your mouth.”

Michelle Essex, M.D.
Age: 5
Specialty: All better

Billy Fremont, M.D.
Age: 7
Specialty: “Pay me with chocolate.”

Sara Trujillo, M.D.
Age: 8
Specialty: Carefully tapping your knee with a plastic reflex hammer

Isaiah Nye, M.D.
Age: 7
Specialty: Booty-Butt Doctor

Asher Venkataraman, M.D.
Age: 1
Specialty: Bah; Bah-Bah