Position Papers from the Apple Pie and Machine Guns Institute

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Stuart Winchester is the founder of the Apple Pie and Machine Guns Ronald Reagan Free Markets Institute for Freedom, Patriotism and the American Way (APMAG), a far-right think tank dedicated to preserving our nation from the nefarious influences of liberalism in all its odious forms.

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Position Paper #19: Common Sense for the Common Core (9/12/2013)

Position Paper #18: The Job Creator’s Tax Credit (8/28/2013)

Position Paper #17:
Saving Detroit

Position Paper #16: Keystone Kraziness (7/19/2013)

Position Paper #15: The Mystery of the Missing Bullets (6/26/2013)

Position Paper #14: The Trouble with Trains (6/5/2013)

Position Paper #13: Fuck Science (5/17/2013)

Position Paper #12: The War on Food (4/29/2013)

Position Paper #11: The Endangered Species Elimination Act (4/10/2013)

Position Paper #10: The Destruction of Iran (3/20/2013)

Position Paper #9: A March Away from Immigration Madness (3/1/2013)

Position Paper #8: Preserving the Right to Work (2/6/2013)

Position Paper #7: Fracky New Year (1/22/2013)

Position Paper #6: Farewell to Christmas (12/19/2012)

Position Paper #5: The Stolen Election (12/4/2012)

Position Paper #4: Rethinking Disaster Relief (11/14/2012)

Position Paper #3: Guns for Food Stamps (10/29/2012)

Position Paper #2: In Defense of Todd Akin (10/10/2012)

Position Paper No. 1: A Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage (9/20/2012)

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