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Washington State’s New Field Sobriety Tests to Check for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana
by Hart Rusen (2/28/2013)

More Accurate Names for the Generic Cereals Consumed While Broke and Unemployed
by Roxanne Maikranz and Sara Sabol-Maikranz (2/21/2013)

Instagram Filters Inspired by My Parents’ Reaction to Yet Another Return Home as a Single Man Who Has Still Not Enrolled In Graduate School
by Jack Loftus (2/19/2013)

Some Things That are Worse Than Being Alone on Valentine’s Day
by Ali Garfinkel (2/14/2013)

by Rachel Miller and Sophie Cooper (2/14/2013)

Taylor Swift’s B-Sides
by Jeremy Purser (2/11/2013)

Short Biographies of the Original Seven Astronauts of the National Trebuchet and Space Administration
by David Harnden-Warwick (2/6/2013)

Additional Myers-Briggs Personality Types
by James Hannaham (1/31/2013)

Wittgenstein Does Faulkner
by Steven D. Stark (1/24/2013)

Words That I Need for My Dissertation That Don’t Exist
by Carmen Faye Mathes (1/15/2013)

Writer Rating Categories for Madden LIT 2013
by Sam Katz (1/10/2013)

Ideas for O, The Oprah Magazine Cover Photos
by Michael Balazo (1/8/2013)

Things Highlighted in My Ninth Grade Copy of Frankenstein That Also Describe My Adolescence
by Laura Registrato (12/20/2012)

How Some Yoga Instructors Came to Their Practice
by Caitlin Kunkel (12/18/2012)

Answers to Rhetorical Questions Posed by Movie Titles
by Ethan Ryan (12/11/2012)

Inverted Reality Show Clichés.
by Jason Guder (12/6/2012)

Pretentious Trees
by Doogie Horner (11/29/2012)

Actual Similes (and One Metaphor) Found in Teacher Education Texts
by Elizabeth Cunningham (11/27/2012)

The Modern-Day Pantheon
by Katie Brookoff (11/16/2012)

Things In an Organic Chemistry Lab That Sound Dirty, But Aren’t
by Lizzy Scheibel (11/15/2012)

Actual Musicals That Could Be Academic Journals If They Had Their Exclamation Marks Removed
by Alan Finlayson (11/7/2012)

Horror Film Quote or Internet Dating Site First Date?
by Sarah Marcus (10/31/2012)

Halloween Costumes I Already Have in My Closet
by Wendi Aarons (10/31/2012)

Manhattan Coffee Shop or Material Used in the Construction of a Traditional Powhatan Indian Longhouse?
by Will Bareford (10/25/2012)

Five Stay-At-Home Mom Lists of Lists That I’ve Started But Won’t Finish Because I Am a Stay-At-Mom and Don’t Have the Time
by Andrea Fox (10/23/2012)

Seasonal Candy Affective Disorder
by Lauren Le Vine (10/18/2012)

Early American Presidential Voting Blocs
by Miles Kahn (10/16/2012)

Names of Nail Polishes My 74-Year-Old Grandma Barb Would Just Love
by Angela Petrella (10/11/2012)

Lesser-Known Paradoxes
by David Yontz (10/9/2012)

What Your Favorite Classic NES Video Game Says About You
by John Peck (10/4/2012)

Inchoate Versions of Band Names
by Nick Leggatt and Robert Jenkins (9/27/2012)

Small Poetry Journal Names That Reflect the True Nature of Writing Poetry
by Elizabeth Bastos (9/20/2012)

Ailment or Florida?
by Mike Zuckerman (9/13/2012)

McSweeney’s Lists My Friend Heather Would Have Submitted Had She Beat Cancer
by Sheridan MacAuley (9/6/2012)

Several Phrases More Accurate Than “This Isn’t My First Rodeo.”
by Ben Slotky (8/23/2012)

Places Blondes Don’t Have More Fun
by Julia Leggett (8/21/2012)

Features I Demand In a Home After Watching HGTV’s House Hunters
by Ashleigh Lambert (8/16/2012)

Screening Questions for Potential Roommates (Based on Ten Years of Living with Strangers)
by Caroline Hansen (8/9/2012)

Useful New Internet Error Messages
by Rupinder Gill (8/7/2012)

Questions From a Helpless Megabus Passenger
by Sarah Isaacson (8/2/2012)

Dives Not Recognized by the Olympic Diving Committee
by Peter Schooff (7/27/2012)

Your Password Must Contain the Following
by Eric K. Auld (7/26/2012)

A Love Story in Status Codes
by Justin Robert Souza (7/24/2012)

Pre-Internet Companies Rebranded as Modern-Day Start-Ups
by Mike Lacher (7/19/2012)

Suggested Buzzfeed Articles
by Jory John (7/17/2012)

Hall & Joyce Carol Oates’ Greatest Hits
by Langan Kingsley (7/11/2012)

Glam Rock Front Man or U.S. President Between Jackson and Lincoln?
by Christopher Flores (7/3/2012)

Things Therapists Say When They Realize You’re a Lost Cause
by Kristine Angelino (6/29/2012)

Counterintuitive Cover Stories in The Atlantic Magazine
by Zachary Pincus-Roth (6/21/2012)

Poetic Form or Star Trek Villain?
by Allen Rein (6/14/2012)

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