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Ingredients in Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips
by Sarah Garb (2/3/2011)

Place I’ve Cried or Place Ludacris Claims He Had Sex in His Song “What’s Your Fantasy”?
by Anna Breslaw (2/3/2011)

Groupon Deals for My Friends
by Cara Gillotti (1/27/2011)

State of the Union
by Ben Greenman (1/25/2011)

Your Newborn’s Cries Decoded: A Guide for Manhattanites
by Jay Welch (1/20/2011)

Literary Symbols I Fear I Overuse
by Karl Pichotta (1/20/2011)

TED Talks Throughout History
by John Cafiero (1/20/2011)

Settlers of Catanlifornia
by Brian Garrison (1/13/2011)

Continued Problems With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
by Marco Kaye (1/13/2011)

Other Guesses for That’s Why They Call It Blues
by Amy Brady (1/13/2011)

Things I Have Needed to Google While Writing Poems to Turn In to My MFA Workshop
by Daniela Olszewska (1/6/2011)

HGTV Program Or Film About Human Trafficking?
by David Harnden-Warwick (1/6/2011)

Modest Alternatives to “Fuck Me Boots.”
by Jimmy Chen (1/6/2011)

My Tenure as Holiday Party Planner Was Long, Controversial, and Will Be Ultimately Vindicated by History
by Edward Fairchild and Jake Swearingen (12/23/2010)

Surprising Things Mr. Potter Did With the $8000 Uncle Billy Lost
by Dave Coulter (12/23/2010)

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Tea Partiers of All Ages
by Greg Garcia, Kate Micucci, Lucas Neff, Martha Plimpton and Shannon Woodward (12/16/2010)

Revelations from Wicked Leaks Plumbing, Inc. of Medford, Massachusetts
by Joe McGonegal (12/16/2010)

Phrases I Use to Practice My Katharine Hepburn Impression
by Anna Marquardt (12/16/2010)

Quote from a 2010 Brett Favre Post-Game Interview, or Last Words of a Dying Celebrity?
by Robert Seulowitz (12/9/2010)

The Jazz Vocal Institute’s Glossary of Scat Syllables (Z)
by Gary Lucy (12/9/2010)

Suggested Caveats for Standard Wedding Vows
by Rachel Bachman (12/9/2010)

Surprising Index Entries from Sarah Palin’s New Book America By Heart
by David Harnden-Warwick (12/2/2010)

Continuity Errors and Other Mistakes in the Film Eat Pray Love
by Austin Sidley (12/2/2010)

Jehovah or J-Hova?
by Joe Aguilar and Kate McIntyre (12/2/2010)

Hemingway’s Blonde Jokes
by Chris Riebschlager (11/18/2010)

OC/DC Lyrics
by Josh Fischel (11/18/2010)

Metal Band or Collective Noun?
by Samantha King (11/10/2010)

Visual Representations of Sexual Congress, from Classiest to Crassest
by Rick Paulas (11/10/2010)

Metacritic Throughout History
by Ben Greenman (11/10/2010)

The Tea Party Agenda
by Joseph S. Pete (11/4/2010)

Other Types of Remorse
by Ainsley Drew (11/4/2010)

Endings of Martin Scorsese Films
by Adam Rothbarth (11/4/2010)

Other Political Parties Inspired By Things Upon Which People Generally Agree
by Eric Feezell (10/27/2010)

Microsoft Word to Your Mother
by Chloe Filson (10/27/2010)

Pickup Artists’ Favorite Discussion Topics
by Teddy Wayne (10/27/2010)

Names of Poses for American Apparel Models
by Kait MacMurray (10/21/2010)

Barack Obama’s Undersold 2012 Campaign Slogans
by Nathaniel Lozier (10/21/2010)

College Course or Brand of Dietary Supplement?
by Ashley Meyer (10/21/2010)

Recession Résumé
by Erica Reder (10/7/2010)

Underheard in New York
by Jen Statsky (10/7/2010)

Open House at Pooh Corner
by Zach Ayers (10/7/2010)

Celebrity Hurricane Names
by Brendan Fitzgibbons (9/30/2010)

Courses I Wish My College Had Offered
by Owen Morris (9/30/2010)

Sad Hayao Miyazaki Movies
by Jesse Benjamin (9/30/2010)

Items That Are Better For Flyin’ Away On Than a Wing and a Prayer
by Sara Bieker (9/23/2010)

Middle School Abstinence Film or Song From the 1980s?
by Jackson Grant (9/23/2010)

Dancing With the Stars
by Andrew Ian Lipstein (9/23/2010)

Things Are Looking Up for Bob Dylan
by John Cafiero (9/16/2010)

If Governed by “Truth in Advertising” Laws, What Your Next Tattoo Should Say
by Darren Addy (9/16/2010)

Release History of My iPhone Fart App
by Andrew Bridgman (9/16/2010)

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