Here are some of our favorite pieces that we published during Donald Trump’s first year in office.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Demagogue
by Mia Mercado

Concrete Actions Progressives Can Take During Trump’s Presidency
by Amos Vernon

This is the Political Satire That Finally Stops Trump
by Jeff Loveness

Official United States Department of Education Grizzly Bear Policy
by Randal Cooper

Initial Meeting of the National Parks Revolutionary Coordinating Committee
by Kate Washington


My Very Good Black History Month Tribute to Some of the Most Tremendous Black People
by Donald J. Trump

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Bowling Green Massacre
Elizabeth Miller Coyne

Trump Cocktails for Every Occasion
by Wendi Aarons, Kelcey Kintner, and Mariana Olenko

I, A White Female Trump Voter, Look Forward to the United States’ Impending War with Nordstrom
by Valerie Nies

Use This Script to Call Your Congressperson and Ask Them to Please God Just End It All
by Rachel Stromberg

MARCH 2017

I Don’t Need Democracy Because I Have Hygge
by Melissa Darcy

Namaste! I’m Jill Stein, and Now I’m Raising Money to Rephrase Three Statements That Helped Cost Hillary the Election
by Janani Sreenivasan

Spines for Senators
by Evan Allgood

I’m Wes Anderson, and I’m Directing This FBI Investigation Into Russia and the Trump Campaign
by Matthew Disler

Every Sean Spicer Press Briefing
by Keaton Patti

APRIL 2017

A Guide for Talking to a Trump Supporter with Loving Empathy
by Jeremiah Tucker

The Kushner Family Passover Haggadah
by Terry Heyman

The Resistance Will Be Brought to You By Pepsi
by Kimberly Harrington

Trump’s Elements of Style
by Kathryn and Ross Petras

When the GOP Takes Away My Birth Control, How Will I Know What Day It Is?
by Caitlin Brady

MAY 2017

I’m Totally Cool With the Collapse of the Health Care System Because I Have a Jade Egg in My Vagina
Rebecvca Saltzman

Winners and Losers of the Recent Nuclear Holocaust
by Dan Cluchey

Why Does the Lame-Stream Media Only Focus On the Negative Regarding John Wilkes Booth?
by Jake Tapper

Updated Syllabus for Journalism 101
by Katie Barsotti

The Covfefe Code
by Dan Caprera

JUNE 2017

Set List for the Band at President Trump’s Rose Garden Speech Announcing the United States Pulling Out of the Global Climate Accord
by Walter Carson

Excerpts from James Comey’s Opening Statement to the Senate Intelligence Committee or from Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day?
by Nick Asbury

I Only Protested the Affordable Care Act Because the President Was Black. Please Don’t Take Away My Health Insurance
by David Bradley Isenbergh

Best of Blue Note Records: The Jeff Sessions
by Coleman Larkin

My Name is Mitch McConnell and I Owe Thanatos, the God of Death, 22 Million Human Souls
by Bob Vulfov

JULY 2017

Donald Trump Jr. Reviews Famous Works of Literature
by Dan Cluchey

How to Talk to Your Teen About Colluding With Russia
by Tom Russell

I Am Trump’s Lawyer’s Lawyer’s Lawyer’s Lawyer and Would Someone Please Tell Me What the Fuck I Am Supposed to Be Doing?
by Gary M. Almeter

Recap of The West Wing: Season 18/Episode 22
by Julie Parker

Please Forgive Us at Blue Apron for This Week’s Meals. We’ve Been Having a Tough Time Lately
by Lucy Huber


Say What You Will, But Trump Certainly Sounds Presidential in These Last Moments of Civilization
by Andrew Paul

As Your Doctor, I Am Protesting the Removal of Your Tumor Because I Don’t Want to Erase Your Medical History
by Bob Vulfov

I’m a Moderate, Sane Republican Who is Very Concerned With Grand Chancellor Trump’s Demand to Be Bathed In the Blood of the Impure
by Mike Skerrett

The Terrifying Truth About Journalists
by Devorah Blachor

I’m Ivanka Trump, and I Cannot Believe You Fucking Morons Keep Falling for My Bullshit
by Liza McKeon


Why Won’t You Just Let Us Pass a Health Care Bill and Kill a Few Million People?
by Bob Vulfov

The Red Horse of the Second Seal is Not the Appropriate Time to Be Discussing Armageddon
by Tom Russell

Covering Up Concussions Didn’t Bother Me, But Letting Black Men Express Their Opinions Crosses the Line
by Sam Spero

SEE AMERICA NOW: Travel & Tourism Posters for a 2017 America
by Samuel Priest

A Yom Kippur Sermon from Ivanka and Jared’s Rabbi
by Julie Parker


Things More Heavily Regulated Than Buying a Gun in the United States
by Sarah Hutto

Questions and Answers from Donald Trump’s IQ Test
by Stephen Statler

American Expat Dinner Party Retorts for the Trump Era
by Nathaniel Missildine

P-Day: The Day America Found Out Trump’s Russian Video Was Real
by Jeremiah Tucker

Just to Be Clear, the Witch-King of Angmar Was an Insignificant Volunteer in the Great Army of the Dark Lord Sauron
by Bob Vulfov


Scenes from Ivanka Trump’s Deep Sea Thanksgiving
by Krithika Varagur

I Am a Republican Politician and I Guess It’s Come to the Point Where I Have to Defend Pedophilia
by Bob Vulfov

The World According to Trump
by Teddy Wayne

I Am a Keurig Machine and I Would Like to Ask, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?
by David Bradley Isenberg

Holidays Amongst the Liberal Elite
by Elly Lonon


Soundtracks for Melania Trump’s East Colonnade Christmas Decorations
by Rebecca Turkewitz

Hi, It’s Us, All the Fourteen-Year-Old Girls in America
by Jessica M. Goldstein

Most Women Don’t Realize What a Scary Time It is for Men Who Have Probably Committed Sexual Assault
by Rebecca Caplan

An Excerpt from Donald Trump Jr.’s Testimony Before the House Intelligence Committee
by Maura Quint

Hey America, What Will You Do with All Your Tax Savings?
by Michael Kleber-Diggs


I Am Eric Trump. My Family Won’t Let Me Talk Because I Am an Anarcho-Feminist Committed to Kurdish Liberation
by David Bradley Isenberg

19 Inevitable New York Times Headlines for When Donald Trump Forgets to Wear Clothes
by Zoe Schwab

I’ve Been Asking Trump Voters Every Couple Seconds If They Still Support the President
by Dan Hopper

The Trump Aristocrats
by Devorah Blachor

Trump’s First Year: The Word Search
by James Finster